New Ohio Employers

The Ohio Revised Code 4123.01 requires all employers with at least one employee to have workers' compensation coverage.

All employers enrolled in the Ohio State Fund workers' compensation system are also required to choose a Managed Care Organization (MCO) like Health Management Solutions to medically manage their organization's work related injuries. MCOs are certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation and are under contract with the BWC to provide medical management services. The cost for an MCO's services is included in the employer's workers' compensation premium and is paid to the MCO by the BWC.

New employers can select Health Management Solutions as their MCO within 30 days of enrollment into the State Fund workers' compensation system.

New employers may obtain coverage by submitting a completed application and security deposit online at the Ohio BWC website: U-3 Ohio Workers' Compensation Coverage application.

Current employers in the state of Ohio may only change their MCO during the open enrollment that occurs once every two years. The next open enrollment will occur in 2016.